It’s no secret that Patch wants to put a stake through the heart of the newspaper industry.  This equates to nothing less than an invasion by a huge corporation whose objective is to eliminate the local newspaper, implant their local advertising platform, and suck dollars out of small towns.

“Paul Hoffman from asks, “Will local competitors be able to withstand this huge corporation’s invasion or will they fold?”

Patch recently told Bloomberg that as they move forward, they will become “a lot more social.”   The writing is on the wall. Publishers no longer have the luxury of time and cannot afford to ‘bet the bank’ on guesswork, bad decisions, experimentation, or lengthy and expensive development projects.  The very best option is to partner with a company who has a real and immediate solution—a solution that allows the publishers to focus valuable money and resources where it makes the biggest impact—on sales and marketing.

“Tim Armstrong, CEO of Patch lays out their basis for success, “It’s not about who’s local or who’s from out of town, it’s who’s better at serving consumers, both the audience and the advertisers.”


In order to beat Patch, the publishers must move quickly, with a sound and innovative solution that will secure their local investment and not put their online business in further jeopardy.  The solution needs to embrace social media and capture local community conversations before Patch can get there.  TotalPaas gives publishers a leap forward with their own local and monetizable geo-social networking solution. With TotalPaas, publishers can focus their energy and resources on serving consumers and generating revenue.

  • NO FEES. No startup costs, no service fees, and no recurring fees– NONE, ZERO, NADA.
  • NO WAITING.  Turnkey platform with flexible portal design modules ready to launch within a week.
  • NO DEVELOPMENT.  TotalPaas has a trained and qualified staff of engineers that innovate to meet industry demands.
  • NO HOSTING HEADACHES.  Managed hosting with high security and failover protection!
  • BUILT-IN SEO & SMO.  No need to pay the extra SEO and SMO service with a dynamic platform built for backlinks.
  • COMMUNITY-MINDED MARKETING PLAYBOOK.  TotalPaas offers a unique grassroots approach to local social marketing that drives new sales leads from local conversations and interactions.



1. WIN-WIN.  If the publisher doesn’t get paid, TotalPaas doesn’t get paid.  True partnerships mean that everyone is ‘all-in’ and that everyone has an equally vested interest in the success of the site.

2. ADS THAT WORK.  CPM-based ad models are confusing and inneffective at local levels.  TotalPaas’ patent-pending distance-based ad model is designed for local business– simple and effective.

3. SELF-DRIVEN REVENUE. With TotalPaas, local businesses have the power to generate and manage their own subscriptions and ads.  Advertising contracts are automatically charged on a recurring monthly basis.

4. ARMED SALES STAFF.  Provide sales staff with new and competitive online sales options to easily win over local businesses that are being bombarded with daily calls from competitors.

5. INCREASED HANG TIME.  Social platform continuously engages citizens and businesses in local conversations, drives up hang time and results in opportunities for higher ad performance.

6. POWER IN NUMBERS.  Be a part of a local advertising network across multiple-publishers and attract regional and national advertisers.

7. OWN YOUR USER DATA.   With user behavioral data, you can demand the highest local ad dollars through highly relevant and effective ad campaigns.

8. COMMUNITY MARKETING PROGRAM.  TotalPaas participates in developing your grassroot community marketing program to jump start the market launch and drive leads with local engagement.

9. BETTER TOGETHER.  Join together in a network of like-minded people helping each other in a TotalPaas community support forum for building a strong pre-sales and post-sales knowledge base for all partners.

10. FORMULATED FOR SUCCESS.  TotalPaas provides a comprehensive solution, formulated for success.  Throughout the lifecycle of the partnership, TotalPaas is there for each and every partner, providing guidance and support to ensure that the program is optimized for success.