Social Marketing Taking the First Steps

Social Marketing: Taking the First Steps

The world of hyperlocal news is abuzz with talk about social media. Organizations that want to make the most out of online marketing have to give careful consideration to today’s top social networking sites. Initially, many businesses had a hard time taking social media seriously; today, those who don’t are at risk of falling behind the competition. More than likely, you don’t need to be convinced about the importance of hyperlocal social media; chances are, though, that you need a little direction about how to begin. The following information can help.

The First Steps

So, what are the first steps in incorporating social media into your overall marketing scheme? First, you need to understand the value that social media holds for your business. Do a little research using the keywords and hashtags that relate to your industry; compare and contrast your results on various social networking websites. This will give you an initial glimpse into what’s happening in social media as it relates to your business – and might just surprise you. After all, a recent study by NetProspex revealed that 43% of the 100,000 business people they surveyed use LinkedIn.

Track Down Your Customers

Next, you need to figure out which social networking sites your customers frequent. You’re not going to want to waste your time with Facebook, for instance, if an insignificant number of prospective customers “hang out” there. Before you can implement an effective hyperlocal social media platform, you need to get a handle on where to find your current customers – and those who you’d like to turn into customers.

Is It Worth Your Time?

After figuring out where your customers and prospective customers are, you need to confirm whether or not your business should have social networking profiles. More than likely, it will make sense to do so.

Target Socially-Connected Individuals

If you decide to go ahead and engage in a hyperlocal social media website, you should identify the people who are the most socially connected. These folks will have oodles of “followers,” “friends” and connections. They’re the ones who will be able to spread your message quickly, efficiently and authoritatively.

From there, the sky is the limit when it comes to social marketing. Remember that getting personal is the name of the game when it comes to social networking. Engage your customers and communicate with them; the returns can be absolutely phenomenal!