Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

The Internet has changed the world as we once knew it. Traditional small businesses were able to open their doors to their community and be on their merry way to a long and happy successful future. Times have changed and we no longer have that automatic dedicated sense of loyalty to community businesses or do we? In fact, millions of dollars are spent on products bought online where the buyer and seller never even see each other or take part in the transaction at the same time. The reality is that you have to be constantly connecting with your local customers if you want them to come into your business and buy from you.

You Need More Than a Website and a Blog

Build a web site and the customers will come has taken a completely different direction in today’s business world and for any business to simply have a website and a blog is just not enough. Today you need to build an online brand and to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. The major concern for most businesses is managing the content, keeping it current and running the necessary promotions to attract customers. Sites such as twitter and Facebook are very popular and they can drive huge traffic to your business site, but they take time to update and keep up, time that most small business owners do not have. While it may seem like a burden to update the company website, write blog posts, and then post to twitter and other social media sites. However, in order to get the most out of your community, it is necessary in today’s market place. But is it enough to just use these social media tools and hope for the best?

For small community based businesses it really seems like a waste of time to use large international social media sites, but the fact is they are becoming increasingly hyperlocal, meaning they are able to provide and show advertisements that are targeted to the users. Ads do provide value when they have meaning to the viewer. But a local community needs much more than just local advertising, it needs local news and it needs local people to engage with eachother and local businesses. So is there dedicated sense of loyalty to community businesses? The answer is yes if local business know how to properly engage local community customers. Is it enough to just use these social media tools and hope for the best? Absolutely, NO! Just depending on the current social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, and dozen of other popular tools out there will not resolve the dilema that is plaguing the social media and local business community. You need to go beyond these tools and become integrated in a hyperlocal social media marketing ecosystem.

Benefits of Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

TotalPass provides a hyperlocal social media marketing platform developed for local communities, small businesses, online businesses, newspaper publishers and local TV networks. The TotalPaas platform allows a very simple way for local communities and local businesses to focus on the essentials that create a fully functional hyperlocal community. The goal is to engage vistors to your website and have them become subscribers, focused viewers, and users together with a common interest in building and supporting the community as a whole. Growing and fostering a community increases hang time, the amount of time individuals spend on your website and also increases brand loyalty, which leads to lifetime of loyal customers who will buy from you more often.

The TotalPass hyperlocal marketing platform allows you to manage your total online business presents from one place. TotalPass offers many services including proven marketing methods to reach out to similar communities and drive traffic to your site, service that allows you to focus on your job instead of technical problems, and content that encourages users to post, share, and discuss with each other to grow the community and loyalty.

TotalPass also offers many hyperlocal focused web applications. PortalPass takes search results to the hyperlocal level by sorting the most relevant information for your community. Analytics provide scalable results so you can see what needs to be improved and what is doing well. Widgets allow web users to customize their own dashboard by dragging and dropping the information that is useful to them. Other applications include a hyperlocal ad server, personal bookmark, classifieds, news, activities, and events, and groups and discussions.

TotalPaas has leveled the playing field by bringing the same powerful technologies of the large news media affiliates to the smaller social community sites. They have the functionality to support national news and local information relevant to smaller communities while incorporating relevant advertising at a local level. TotalPaas aggregates all types of media and user behaviors. It connects every local business ad to the targeted consumer at the highest level of relevancy across location, interest and demographics. TotalPaas builds solid solutions for its business partners to capture the untapped revenue opportunities with their online presence.