Who does TotalPaas work with?

TotalPaas partners with local publishers (newspaper, radio, TV).  We join forces to capture new digital revenue in the marketplace and share risks and rewards together.

What does TotalPaas do?

TotalPaas provides modern, proven, revenue-generating solutions for local media companies.  We provide a turnkey hyperlocal news portal combined interactivity of the community activities.  Every business is now offered a simple self-driven marketing platform that’s targeted to the local customers without the cost of competing against the larger online advertisers.  Every business and user in the community can voice and participate with the local news and activities.

TotalPaas offers one platform across all digital devices to offer a consistent personalized experience with news and local activities.

How much do these solutions cost?

All TotalPaas solutions are success-based– TotalPaas only makes money when the local media company makes money.  TotalPaas receives a percentage of revenue generated by TotalPaas partner programs.

What makes TotalPaas unique?

TotalPaas is a Silicon Valley software development company who purchased a local media company, Ledger Dispatch of Amador County, and integrated print and digital programs demonstrating the power, flexibility and success of combined programs.  TotalPaas uniquely  focuses on the foundation and it starts with marketing  programs around community leadership.  Our digital solutions address the key elements of building and protecting user base for digital news delivery and monetization.  These elements include personalization for users, simple and affordable ad placement for every business at all sizes, and collection all user behavioral data for targeting ads.  These key elements carry across the web and mobile platforms to secure longevity of each initiative.

How can we be certain that TotalPaas solutions and technologies are effective and deliver on their promise?

TotalPaas has been working in local media solutions since 2009 and demonstrated gains of businesses across prints and new digital revenue in more than 10 markets.  The technology is field tested and used across different communities.  We’ve removed the technology and go-to-market risks for our partners to focus on driving sales and marketing to win new revenue in the digital space.