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Ways Users are Changing the Face of Publishing

It started with music, but has been slowly spreading to other industries. The digital takeover shows no signs of slowing. All businesses and industries go through changes, but what makes this time different is the force behind the change. This time, users are driving publishers to change how they do business, or face being shut […]

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing: Great Brand Building Strategies

One very basic marketing concept revolves around brand building. In order to create and maintain a positive image with your customers and prospective customers, you need to develop a solid brand. There are many different ways to go about brand building, and the Internet has made it easier than ever to do so. If you’re […]

Newspapers — Get Disruptive!

The newspaper industry continues in a downward spiral, struggling to find new sources of revenue. Subscription rates are falling, and the attempt to harness the online world has resulted in nothing short of lackluster results. Whether they believe it or not, the newspapers are engaged in an all-out war over their local advertising dollars. Some […]