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5 Fundamentals for Newspapers to Evolve Confidently

Newspapers have been under pressure to evolve and define a new economic model as they face unprecedented changes and at the fastest pace they’ve experienced. Borrell Associates projected local online ad growth to be at 450% from 2013 to 2018. This growth rate is arguably unsustainable, but it’s the fact that the traditional local media […]

Speed of Change is Everything for Newspapers

Don’t wait for proof, or it might be too late. In this fast evolving digital technology world that disrupts many media business models, the speed of change is the secret to its short-term and long-term success! While today’s media companies still excel at journalism, they don’t have the time or the infrastructure at their disposal […]

10 Newspapers That Do It Right

In 2012, TotalPaas owned newspaper, The Amador Ledger Dispatch, was given the esteemed honor of being named one of the 10 Newspapers That Do It Right by Editor and Publisher magazine.  This annual project is a showcase of 10 newspapers that demonstrate flexibility, creativity, sound judgment, and a commitment to high-quality journalism in some unique manner.  […]

An Unfair Advantage of Print in the Marketing Mix

Marketing has evolved toward a complex route since the advent of the computer and the Internet.  Today, most marketers consider print as the non-traditional way, and the traditional way becomes the digital avenue with blogging, article directories, social media, search, etc. Traditional or non-traditional, this is the best opportune time for businesses to build brand […]

Social Media Revamps Marketing Basics

Social Media Revamps Marketing Basics, The Fifth “P” Have you observed how so many things have been changing since the advent of the social media? What used to be the norm is now redefined because of the more advanced ways businesses and targeted markets now interact. The Change in Marketing The basics of marketing used […]

Newspaper 2.0–The Social Newspaper

For the past several years now, people have been claiming that the internet edition of the newspaper is ‘Newspaper 2.0.’ So if we follow that train of thought, moving the newspaper to a mobile device is now ‘Newspaper 3.0?’  Look folks, moving the print edition newspaper onto another medium is not a revelation. It doesn’t […]

10 Strategic Changes the Newspapers Must Make to Reinvent Themselves

In recent posts I pointed out many of the challenges the newspaper industry is facing: Subscription and advertising revenues are on the decline Attempts to move to the internet have had lackluster results Operations have been cut to bare bones Analysts have for the most part abandoned the industry In the recent PEW report State […]


It’s no secret that Patch wants to put a stake through the heart of the newspaper industry.  This equates to nothing less than an invasion by a huge corporation whose objective is to eliminate the local newspaper, implant their local advertising platform, and suck dollars out of small towns. “Paul Hoffman from EditorsWebLog.org asks, “Will […]

Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

The Internet has changed the world as we once knew it. Traditional small businesses were able to open their doors to their community and be on their merry way to a long and happy successful future. Times have changed and we no longer have that automatic dedicated sense of loyalty to community businesses or do […]

Social Marketing: Taking the First Steps

The world of hyperlocal news is abuzz with talk about social media. Organizations that want to make the most out of online marketing have to give careful consideration to today’s top social networking sites. Initially, many businesses had a hard time taking social media seriously; today, those who don’t are at risk of falling behind […]