An Unfair Advantage of Print in the Marketing Mix

Marketing has evolved toward a complex route since the advent of the computer and the Internet.  Today, most marketers consider print as the non-traditional way, and the traditional way becomes the digital avenue with blogging, article directories, social media, search, etc.

Traditional or non-traditional, this is the best opportune time for businesses to build brand in print, as local businesses are the focus for highest growing sector of online advertisement.  The reason is easy to understand.  Community newspapers are the trusted source for content and has the power to reach the local buyers in the way that media companies outside of the communities.  While national digital media companies are spending money to build local presence, community papers already have an existing infrastructure of sales and content distribution channel with a long built trusted brand.  According to Havas Worldwide research, 61% of the consumers are looking for businesses to be more active in their local communities.

Take for instance the case of TD Ameritrade’s ThinkMoney. Majority of its customers’ buying behavior is still influenced by the printed magazine. Another magazine, ChiefContentOfficer, is also doing well in the print market.

What makes them do well…

–          Direct response layout and design

–          Stimulating and instructive information and content

–          Compelling contents awaited by followers that include traders

–          The opportunity given by print for new questions and discoveries

–          The continued enjoyable experience of followers that they look forward to the next thing, as mentioned by the marketing executives of ChiefContentOfficer.

The “Non-traditional” Marketing Stays

The death of TV was predicted a long time ago. But see where that medium is now. Models have even been upgraded to flat screen, LCD and LED. In the same manner, the death of printed media is predicted. On n the contrary, it is bound to stay. Why? The print media serves a different purpose and used differently by consumers. Surveys say that marketers continue to patronage the print media for these reasons

  • The print avenue continues to keep the interests flowing in the community, especially amidst the world cluttered with so many social media channels.
  • The print media provides the familiarity of layout and design for consumers.
  • The customer has a high recall and retention rate.
  • Costs can be contained.
  • The print media is like fashion that comes and goes away but comes back again, a sure pattern that has been going on ever since; hence, it is guaranteed to stay.
  • Customers turn to print media when there is a need to ask questions.
  • People are more thrilled to be featured on print, which remains to be regarded with more credibility compared with what’s featured on the web.
  • Print media provides a different experience to consume content as it allows people to step back, relax and be away from email, computer screen, and pushed advertisements.

The Marketing of Today

The efficiency by which the present traditional marketing medium such as email, social networking sites and the rest of what the technology has ushered in cannot be questioned. However, because people can reach almost anyone in an instant wherever they may be in the world, some people find the need to detach from it once in a while.

Given this fact, marketing executives may welcome the freedom from the all-encompassing, all-reaching online means. But then again, it is also here to stay and therefore, the new marketing mix composed of print and online avenues should be embraced and maximized to their full advantage. It may look like there is an unfair advantage of print in the marketing mix, having pointed out the reasons why it continues to play an important role cannot be denied.